Storage resources that ensure secure storage of customers' critical data

Flexible Storage Optimized for Cloud Environment

Samsung SDS Cloud provides a variety of storage services to meet customized business demand on the cloud environment, including Block Storage to ensure high-speed connection and high performance, File Storage to share media content and Object Storage to manage unstructured data on the web. The selections include Solid State Disk (SSD) with high-performance and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) , which is good for storing large amount of data. In addition, under the strict backup policy, Samsung SDS Cloud thoroughly verifies integrity and validity of customer data to minimize the risk of any potential data loss and support fast recovery using backups in case of emergency.


Products and Key Features

    • Block Storage
    • Storage with flexibility and customizable performance
    Expected benefits
    • High performance and high availability of servers at an enterprise-class, such as database and ERP systems
    Key features
    • High performance and fast speed needed for workloads
    • Data protection based on high availability
    • File Storage
    • File storage for sharing data on the network
    Expected benefits
    • Credibility for web applications and other file sharing service
    • Storage for large-scale content and media files
    Key features
    • Highest possible scalability for necessary capacity and performance
    • Seamless integration with existing applications
    • Object Storage
    • Cloud storage accessible anytime anywhere using a Restful API
    Expected benefits
    • Secure saving and downloading of large data with encryption
    Key features
    • Cost-effective and reliable data configuration
    • Restful API-based storage service
    • Usage-based web consoles and API using customers' business data
    • Backup
    • Backup service to minimize data loss
    Expected benefits
    • Recovery in case of data loss and damage
    • High system availability
    Key features
    • Minimized risk of customer data loss with high-level backup and recovery service
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