Object Storage

Large-capacity Data Storage Space in Cloud Environments

Object Storage allows users to save and use data on the Internet. The URL-based easy access to storage provides convenient data management. AES-256 encryption algorithm is used for secure data storage and downloads. The saved data is also protected by various steps of security measures.




Service Architecture

Amazon S3 REST API based Service
mobile → Get
PC → Post
Veritas NetBackup, Commvault, Veeam → Put
Amazon S3 → ETC.
Distributed/Object Storage
Interoperate with Java, C++,C#

Key Features

  • Bucket creation and object uploads

    - Create a folder within a bucket and give public authority to all files within the folder
    - Offer basic encryptions for buckets (AES-256 algorithm)
    - Upload objects (photos, videos, etc.) to buckets or folders within buckets after creating buckets

  • Bucket properties and encryption setting

    - Set server access logs to record detailed data on access requests
    - Manage read/write authority on files for each user and access authority of other users
    - Use Amazon S3 management key encryption (SSE-S3)
    - Apply encryptions to created files and add tags
    - Able to recover deleted or replaced objects using bucket version management setting

  • IP-based ACL (Access Control List)

    - Grant access to only authorized IPs using Filtering function


    • Billing
    • Charged by the usable storage (usable storage (GB) x unit price)
    • Metering standard
    • Storage usage : The amount of saved data
    • Discount rates applied according to the usage
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