Samsung SDS is growing to become a global solution and service provider

Samsung SDS building

Samsung SDS is expanding its global business through a range of cutting edge competitive solutions and services that have been developed through three decades of experience in consulting, system implementation and IT infrastructure operation.

Samsung SDS plans to utilize big data and IoT technologies to accelerate manufacturing innovation in Samsung affiliates. The company also collaborates with leading IT companies to pursue business expansion in overseas logistics markets.

Samsung SDS’s in-house analytics platform Brightics was developed utilizing its extensive experience and knowhow across a wide range of industries especially in manufacturing and finance as well as its big data management and analysis capabilities.

Through Brightics, Samsung SDS provides top quality services such as quality and yield analysis, root cause analysis, and equipment assessment. It has delivered some tangible results to its clients such as reducing root cause analysis time from hours to minutes.

Equipped with Brightics’s analytics function, Cello, Samsung SDS’s logistics solution, can respond immediately to major disruptions to the clients’ supply chain. The 2015 explosions at the Port of Tianjin caused havoc with many supply chains between northern China and the rest of the world. Cello and Brightics working together used the solution’s data-analytics driven risk monitoring service to notify clients of the disruption and offered alternative routes to minimize risk to both products and people.

To further its business based on big data analytics capabilities, Samsung SDS recently partnered with SAS Korea to accelerate both of their overseas businesses.

Through this partnership, Samsung SDS will offer better big data analytics services by building on SAS’s experience and knowhow in data analytics gained from working with 80,000 clients including global companies and governments.

Both companies are looking for synergies in machine learning and developing more effective collaboration models.

In its logistics business, Samsung SDS has established joint ventures with Acutech, the largest customs clearance service provider in Thailand, and the Vietnamese aviation logistics company ALS.

Samsung SDS forecasts that these partnerships will enable it to handle growing logistics demands both in the ASEAN countries and globally.

Samsung SDS official said, “We will accelerate collaboration with overseas companies to become a global ICT company,” and added that “we will continue investing on artificial intelligence, analytics, and IoT technologies to find more future growth engines.”

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