Our wearable EMM help Singapore Changi Airport communicate

SDSAP has been awarded by SATS with a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 pilot project with Wearable EMM solutions to help improve airport operations. (EMM : Enterprise Mobility Management)

Singapore Changi Airport is an international airport serving as a hub for the East and the West. Communication within the airport is restricted from using radio waves for safe flight. The ground crew are not allowed to carry mobile phones. There were a lot of difficulties such as device security and device management for SATS employees.

With the use of smart watches paired with hands-free headsets, the ground workers are able to escort planes to and from the parking gates better and faster. Ground workers can also immediately see the day's work schedule and be able to receive the next work instructions in real time.

In addition, Wearable EMM enables the smart watches to be managed securely and effectively. With WEMM, SATS was able to improve mobile security and battery efficiency.

SDSAP is aiming to expand the business opportunity for 49 countries and 13 airlines, including Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Singapore Airlines (SIA) and based on the success of this airport pilot project.

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