Samsung SDS launched Brightics AI, the AI-based analysis platform

Yoon Shim, Head of the R&D Centre, said that Brightics AI is automating a model of data analysis to allow an easy processing and analysis for big data.

- 「Brightics AI」, The enterprise platform of prescriptive algorithm, easy, smart and fast
- Highly praised by Richard S.Sutton, one of founding fathers of reinforcement learning (a professor of Alberta Univ. Canada)
- Extend to service, financial sectors from manufacturing, marketing, logistics, security, IoT, health care
- To launch Brightics AI Cloud for B2B and university at this month’s end

Samsung SDS has launched Brightics AI™, the enterprise platform for prescriptive algorithm and the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based analysis platform. Samsung SDS CEO and President, Yoo-sung Chung, has said that Brightics AI™ is an example of Samsung SDS focusing on the growing external B2B market.

Yoon Shim, Head of the R&D Centre at Samsung SDS described Brightics AI at a press conference held on June 21 at Samsung SDS HQ, Seoul, South Korea. She said that the integrated analysis platform is using AI to analyze a different type of large data in a way of easy, smart and fast. She also said that Brightics AI is automating a model of data analysis to allow an easy processing and analysis for big data.

In her presentation she showed that unlike usual big data analytics which can take up to 3 months to analyze big data; Brightics AI™ enables general users to analyze data within 2 hours using the function of automatic recommendation for optimal algorithm.

Also, making a report took for one week in a traditional way. However, with Brightics AI, only one click is enough to make a report customized for user with many visualizations.

「Brightics AI」 is the world’s first enterprise platform with prescriptive algorithm, which is smart enough to provide a solution based on various AI analysis models for each industry including manufacturing, marketing and logistics.

Professor Richard Sutton from Alberta Univ, Canada, one of the founding fathers of reinforcement learning, highly praised Brightics AI™ as one of the world’s top platform technologies. The platform adopts Samsung SDS’ prescriptive algorithm supporting the scalability of reinforcement learning algorithm.

Moreover, 「Brightics AI」 has significantly improved the speed of analyzing big data with the use of high-performing technology of distribution processing.
It took for more than 3 hours to collect, analyze, visualize hundreds of thousands of data, but 「Brightics AI」 reduced the period 20 times to process it less than 10 minutes.

Samsung SDS has introduced 「Brightics AI」 in manufacturing, marketing, logistics, security, IoT, health care in total of 70 industries, and will extend to apply to service and financial sectors as well.

Brightics AI™ received the CIO 100 award in May 2017 for the second consecutive year. It won because of its excellent user experience where even non-expert users can analyze data easily and quickly. That made 「Brightics AI」to win the IEDA award, one of the world’s top 3 design awards, in May.

In the mean time, Samsung SDS plans to launch Brightics AI Cloud version end of this month.

Samsung SDS plans to release an academic version for university as well as an enterprise version. Brightics AI academic version will be provided for Korean prestigious universities to support AI-based data analysis for research activity.

Hong, Won-Pyo (CEO and President of Solutions Division) emphasized, “Thirty years of knowhow and analysis capacity are all included in「Brightics AI」, the AI-based analysis platform, which will lead the 4th Industrial Generation of IT innovation. We will lead local and overseas companies’ interest in big data analysis in to a good performance.”

※ The word Brightics combines Bright and Analytics, which shows SDS’ strong wiliness to gain a Bright Insight from Analytics.

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