Samsung SDS, Leading Digital Finance Innovations With Blockchain Technology

- Introducing Samsung SDS digital financial service platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain
- Supporting financial institutions’ digital transformation with rapid system implementation, flexible deployment of new technologies and thorough security

Samsung SDS (CEO Won-Pyo Hong, revealed a digital financial platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, which will lead the innovative path of financial institutions and announced that they intend to properly pursue digital financial business.

Samsung SDS digital financial platform utilizes advanced IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analysis, and intelligent process automation.

Samsung SDS will be able to enhance their competitiveness by providing services through this digital financial platform which includes all of the digital innovative experiences gained dealing with affiliated financial institution’s digital innovations such as digital identity, financial concierge, AI virtual assistant, and automatic insurance claims.

Samsung SDS digital financial platform’s digital identity service is a blockchain based identity card that can securely deliver personal information, while financial concierge is a financial asset management service that utilizes artificial intelligence and big data analysis. The AI virtual assistant and automatic insurance claims accelerates financial tasks enabling a quicker and more convenient response to the customers.

Digital financial platform is an open platform that can easily integrate new IT technologies and various solutions, enabling financial institutions to actively and flexibly respond to the rapid changing financial IT environment.

Additionally, it will provide the highest level of security by providing forgery prevention and joint authentication technologies based on blockchain technology.

Samsung SDS has been conducting a blockchain co-certification project for the Korean Federation of Banks this year, after the successful implementation of user authentication system for Samsung Card based on blockchain last year. They also recently have been recognized as one of the top priority clients in the blockchain platform construction project for the Korean Life Insurance Association.

Samsung SDS’s Hong-Jun Ryu, Finance Business Division Leader (Executive Vice President) stated that “With the digital financial platform that combines newly proven technologies, we will go on a full scale pursuit for the digital financial businesses” and also revealed that “Samsung SDS will be a partner to the financial institutions that are preparing digital innovation (transformation) by solving all of their technical obstacles”

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