Samsung SDS’s Homomorphic Encryption Technology Globally Recognized

+ Ranks first in a global secure genome analysis competition
+ Completes verification to apply homomorphic encryption-based analytics services to the financial and healthcare sectors

Samsung SDS’s homomorphic encryption technology ranked top in the iDASH Secure Genome Analysis Competition 2020, an international secure genome information analysis competition.

Homomorphic encryption technology is used to analyze and process encrypted data without decrypting it to safely protect sensitive information, including personal information.

Created in 2014 with the sponsorship of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the iDASH competition is the only secure genome information analysis competition in the world. Each year, global IT companies, universities, and research institutes join the annual competition in new security technologies, including homomorphic encryption and blockchain.

This year, Samsung SDS competed in the ‘Secure Multi-label Tumor Classification Using Homomorphic Encryption’ track.
This track aims to analyze the genome variation data of approximately 2,700 people provided by the organizer, and to build tumor classification model that is convinient for homomorphic encryption computation. Based on the model, paticipates have to predict the classes of tumor for the given homomorphically encrypted genome variation data of 900 people in reasonable time with high accuracy.

A total of 36 teams across the globe competed and Samsung SDS recorded high scores in both analysis speed and accuracy and tied for first place with Seoul National University and two security companies.

After initiating research on homomorphic encryption in 2018, Samsung SDS secured its own technologies and is currently developing related services. The company recently completed technology verification with clients to apply homomorphic encryption-based analytics services to customer credit rating and analysis in financial institutions and to forecasting severe diseases in medical institutions.

Sang-wook Lee, Technology Research Leader and Senior Vice President of Samsung SDS said, “The global competition proved Samsung SDS’s superior homomorphic encryption technology. We will continue advancing the technology and apply it to a wider range of industries.”