Samsung SDS Drives Business Innovation at Incheon International Airport Corporation with Generative AI

(From the left) Sungwoo Hwang, President & CEO of Samsung SDS, Hagjae Lee, President and CEO of IIAC, and Seunghyun Son, President of TTA, signs an MOU on generative AI-based digital business innovation

+ Signed a memorandum of understanding on digital business innovation with Incheon International Airport Corporation and Telecommunications Technology Association
+ To examine the application of generative AI solution “Brity Copilot," while enabling hyperautomation in corporate business with the real-time subtitling and translation feature for video conference

Samsung SDS is set to support Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) in fostering business innovation at the workplace through the offering of “Brity Copilot.”

On May 14th, Samsung SDS announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with IIAC and Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) with regard to the implementation of hyperautomation across the business of IIAC.

Under the MOU, the three parties will collaborate to drive innovation throughout the work of IIAC employees through ▲ the offering of video conferencing solution and generative AI services, ▲ support on enhancing the work efficiency of IIAC employees using generative AI, and ▲ verification and assistance for secure adoption of AI technologies.

Samsung SDS will provide its video conferencing solution “Brity Meeting” and generative AI service “Brity Copilot” which automates common collaboration tasks of companies, while working together with IIAC and TTA to develop services, offer test beds, and seek new digital technologies.

Brity Copilot is a service applying generative AI to a collaboration solution that supports common business processes of companies such as email, messaging, meeting, and document management that are frequently carried out by employees.

With Brity Copilot, IIAC employees can leverage a variety of AI-powered features for their video conferences, such as ▲ real-time subtitling (Korean/English) and translation (13 languages), ▲ transcription of the entire meeting content, and ▲ generation of meeting notes and action plans.

In particular, Brity Copilot’s precise recognition of Korean voice and real-time translation feature are expected to be especially useful for IIAC’s business that involves global communication in many areas.

Sungwoo Hwang, President & CEO of Samsung SDS, stated, “Samsung SDS is pleased to support the business innovation of IIAC through generative AI services.” He added, “Building on such work, we will continue to collaborate with IIAC to help drive hyperautomation and digital transformation within the company.”

With the official launching of Brity Copilot and generative AI service platform “FabriX,” Samsung SDS is engaging with customers in a wide range of sectors including public, defense, logistics, finance, and manufacturing to actively expand its generative AI services for enterprise use.