Samsung SDS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Earns Industry-First NIAP Common Criteria certification under MDM-PP v4.0

Samsung SDS EMM solution is first to obtain NIAP Common Criteria certification for EMM compliance with the security requirements of the MDM-PP v4.0.

Samsung SDS America today announced that the Samsung SDS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is first to obtain National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria certification for EMM compliance with the security requirements of the Mobile Device Management Protection Profile (MDM-PP) version 4.0. As the first EMM solution to be validated under MDM-PP v4.0, Samsung SDS EMM solidifies its position as a partner of choice EMM solution that meets key U.S. federal government requirements for deployment in secure, classified and tactical environments handling sensitive data.

Samsung SDS’ EMM platform has now been validated as compliant with NIAP Common Criteria for the third time. For this certification, Samsung SDS EMM has enhanced their security level by expanding encrypted communicationsection and by upgrading its security algorithm. Samsung SDS continues to demonstrate its innovation, leadership and commitment to bringing to market secure mobile solutions, especially for highly regulated and security focused industries. Samsung SDS EMM provides government and enterprise customers across platform mobility management solution built from the ground up withgovernment-grade security, flexible features and extensive support for Samsung Knox, an industry-leading mobile security platform.

By delivering the next generation of mobile device management, Samsung SDS EMM securely manages and maintains the operation of mobile deviceswithin an organization. The solution provides mobile device management, mobile application management, data securityand container management features, as well as private push capabilities andmany other features relevant to security conscious enterprises, all managed through a web-based administrative console. Further, Samsung SDS has recently expanded its EMM functionality to include support for DualDAR, an add-on solution to the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) that provides additional encryption layer to install a separate cryptographic module on top of Samsung Knox framework, to deliver enhanced security on mobile devices.

“The Samsung SDS EMM platform provides a field-ready, proven solution built for the most secure environments, from classified government operations to mission-critical, tactical scenarios. As the first EMM provider to obtain this certification under the most recent protection profile, we reinforce our commitment to providing our government partners with government-grade EMM solutions. This NIAP Common Criteria certification under MDM-PP v4.0 is an important step in further solidifying our position as a provider of CSfC-compliant EMM provider.” said Mingu Lee, Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President, Samsung SDS America.

The Common Criteria validation process assesses the design and implementation of security-sensitive products and provides assurance that the specification, implementation, and evaluation of each solution has been thoroughly analyzed.