Samsung SDS Launches 'Cello Square' Digital Freight Forwarding Service

+ To offer a service enabling small and medium-sized Korean companies to directly handle the entire logistics process including quotation, contract, shipping, tracking and account settlement in overseas import/export
+ To expand digital freight forwarding business with maximized technological strengths

Samsung SDS launched 'Cello Square,' an IT-based import/export logistics service that allows small and medium-sized Korean companies entering overseas markets to directly handle the entire logistics process from quotation and contract to shipping, tracking and account settlement.

Small and medium-sized export companies are facing many issues in their logistics process for exporting products due to the complex import/export procedures, the delay in receiving quotations from shipping companies, and the difficulty of tracking the location of cargo during transit.

To help address these issues, Samsung SDS developed and launched 'Cello Square 4.0' for small and medium-sized export companies by renewing its Cello logistics platform that is offered mainly to large-sized corporate clients by deploying new technologies including AI and IoT.

By accessing Cello Square, export companies can check FCL1*/LCL2** ocean cargo and air cargo rates according to the characteristics of cargo and the logistics status, and can also make reservations with convenience. Also, express delivery and air/ocean cargo services for the sellers of Amazon Fulfillment service that ship products sold at Amazon are also available on the platform.

* Full Container Load (FCL): large volumes of cargo of a single shipper that can occupy a full container
** Less than Container Load (LCL): small volumes of cargo of multiple shippers that are mixed together in a single container

After the shipping begins, export companies can check the location of cargo in real time through the Cello Square tracking service and can swiftly respond to issues through one-on-one consulting with the operator at times of emergency.

Upon the completion of the shipping, companies can check the account settlement details at a glance in comparison with the quotation and contract, and can also identify ways to cut logistics costs and raise efficiency through the analysis report customized for each company.

Moreover, Cello Square provides specialized services including the shipping control service that enables real-time monitoring on the shipping status (location, temperature, humidity, illumination level, etc.) of products that are susceptible to temperature, humidity, and impact as well as highly-expensive products, and the optimal shipping space recommendation service that analyzes the size and volume of cargo with AI.

In addition, export companies that use the 'PLAYAUTO GLOBAL' system, which manages shipping orders at foreign e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, can also enjoy various logistics services for import/export including integrated order confirmation and invoice printing as the order data are linked to the Cello Square platform.

Kooil Oh, Senior Vice President and Leader of Logistics Business Division at Samsung SDS, said, 'For Cello Square 4.0, we enhanced user convenience and broadened the scope of its service from express delivery to international air/ocean cargo service. With Cello Square 4.0 that is built upon our global logistics operation experience and new digital technologies, we plan to support export companies’ advancement into overseas markets and expand our digital freight forwarding business.'