Samsung SDS to Expand its Intelligent AI Contact Center Business

Intelligent AI Contact Center Service

+ To apply Samsung SDS’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology that has been recognized in various global AI machine reading comprehension competitions
+ AICC reduces more than 50% of simple and repetitive tasks while enhancing work efficiency and customer satisfaction

Samsung SDS’s AI Contact Center (AICC) is arising as the next-generation solution for contact centers.

AICC is an intelligent solution for contact center that enhances work efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on various technologies such as natural language understanding (NLU), speech to text (STT) and text analysis (TA), AICC supports AI-based Virtual Agent, Agent Assistant and Customer service data analysis functions.

Samsung SDS’s NLU technology enables AI to quickly and accurately understand the intent of conversation and provide appropriate customer assistance. This technology is being globally recognized by ranking in first places at machine reading comprehension (MRC) competitions such as MS MARCO, a global AI MRC competition held by Microsoft, and KorQuAD 1.0 & 2.0, the MRC competition based on the Korean Question Answering Datasets.

Once AICC receives an inquiry, AI agent (chatbots or voicebots) perform tasks including inquiry response, subscription screening, and service application process.

More complicated inquiries like technical support will be automatically connected professional agents. AI will then analyze the conversation to recommend appropriate answers and contents needed for handling the inquiries.

AI also improves quality by analyzing customer complaints in real time and evaluating customer service results.

With AICC, companies can get advantage of following benefits: reduce more than 50% of simple and repetitive tasks; reduce 20% of counseling time through real-time classification of customer inquiries and answer recommendation; new product planning and marketing based on conversation analysis.

For example, AICC can remarkably enhance the efficiency of an insurance company with AI performing full insurance sales monitoring phone calls while monitoring the quality of calls as well.

In case of a global high-tech company that applied Samsung SDS’s AICC, AI analyzes the conversation in real-time to provide relevant product information and counseling guide lines to the agents and even recommends promotional information.

“AICC is an innovative solution for contact center to improve efficiency and service quality with AI handling simple customer inquiries allowing the agents to focus on more complicated tasks,” said Jeanie Hong, Senior Vice President and leader of Solution Business Division at Samsung SDS, “we will continuously upgrade AICC by applying latest AI technology while actively expanding business in the manufacturing, financial, and service industries.”