Samsung SDS to Hold 'Cyber Security Conference 2021'

+ To address 2021 cyber security trends and share countermeasure solutions

Samsung SDS will host ‘Cyber Security Conference 2021’ online on April 6 for customers in Korea.

The conference will cover the topic on ‘A shift in the security paradigm due to diversification of work environment’ through various sessions to introduce 2021 cyber security trends and Samsung SDS’s countermeasure solutions.

As the COVID-19 reshapes work environment with contactless communication, work from home, e-commerce and cloud transition, new threats are emerging, therefore, cyber security is becoming ever more important.

The cyber security experts of Samsung SDS will share response cases on how to deal with arising threats and suggest security solutions for various fields including work from home, cloud, operational technology (OT), and data security.

Other sessions include guest speakers; ‘Digital renaissance era, cyber threat trends’ from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), ‘CISO's Complexity, Containment and other C-words’ from SentinelOne, a global leader in the field of endpoint detection and response (EDR), and ‘OT security trend and application cases’ from KPMG Korea.

Moreover, Samsung SDS’s internal corporate ventures, Team 9 and Hacking Zone will each present ‘AI-based multimedia forgery detection platform’ and ‘Bug bounty platform based on collective intelligence’. SECUI, a subsidiary company of Samsung SDS, will also introduce a next-generation firewall for safe remote working environment.

Jaeil Suh, Senior Vice President and leader of Security Business Division of Samsung SDS, said, “the conference will provide solutions to the companies concerned of cyber security threats driven by the rapidly changing environments as we plan to introduce various security technologies and use cases.”