Samsung SDS to Hold Techtonic 2021 Developers Conference

+ Showcasing research achievements in cloud, security, artificial intelligence under the theme of ‘Innovative technology for optimal digital transformation’
+ 8,000 and plus pre-registration for the online conference held for two days

Samsung SDS hosts Techtonic 2021 Developers Conference for two days from November 23 to share the latest IT technologies, development know-hows and insights to support the expansion of developer ecosystem.

Techtonic 2021, which marks its 4th year, was prepared under the theme of ‘Innovative technology for optimal digital transformation’. Through a total of 21 sessions, Samsung SDS’s research achievements in cloud, security, artificial intelligence, software engineering and customer experience will be showcased.

This online developer conference attracted keen interest from the IT developers with more than 8,000 people pre-registering for the event.

Greg Morrisett, the Vice Provost of Cornell Tech and a global scholar in software security delivered a key-note speech on ‘The future of security’.

Followed was the presentation about the AI-based combinatorial optimization adopted in ‘NeurIPS 2021’, the world’s most prestigious conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in the field of artificial intelligence. Samsung SDS experts also shared about the Low Code Development Platform, and machine learning-based operation optimization of MLOps that can be implemented in SDS Cloud.

On the second day, sessions on GPU scheduling method for optimal resource distribution in cloud and the application of text analysis to process Voice of Customer (VoC) will take place.

The speakers from partner companies will deliver insightful presentations as well. Soyoung Jeong, a leader at NVIDIA Korea, prepared a speech on the ‘Basic technology for super gigantic AI research’. Moreover, Sang-geun Lee, a professor of Korea University’s Graduate School of Cybersecurity, who is conducting a joint research on cyber security with Samsung SDS will share the research results on malicious code detection using GNN.

* GNN (Graph neural network): An artificial neural network used in machine learning to process data represented by the graph structures.