Get the Blockchain solution optimized for your business

Catch up with the fourth industrial revolution, and keep transactions on track using a Blockchain platform. Offering infrastructure and services that can be deployed across all industries, including the finance sector, NexledgerTM is a Blockchain platform built for enterprise, empowering your organization to take control of distributed transactions securely and conveniently.


What can NexledgerTM do for you and your business?

  • Systemized Blockchain Value Assessment

    Analyze for efficiency and identify the right course of action with Samsung SDS’s unique Blockchain Value Assessment (BVA).

  • Highly efficient and scalable

    Go for speed and efficiency regardless of industry, channel, or location with the exceptional scalability of Nexledger.

  • Blockchain Platform for Enterprise

    Build an easy and secure system with high performance and detailed management monitoring features with our Blockchain platform. Designed and developed for enterprise, Nexledger gives you a no-limits approach to grow your business.

A Blockchain platform built for enterprises

Blockchain can be applied to a variety of fields, from logistics to manufacturing and finance. See what innovations Blockchain can spark in your industry.

See how Nexledger works in the real world

Nexledger is a Blockchain platform built for enterprise, empowering your organization to take control of distributed transactions securely and conveniently.


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  • Management Monitoring

    Check new blocks creation and Blockchain network activity status in detail with the management monitoring system.

  • Smart Contract

    Go beyond simple sharing of transaction histories and automate your transactions with Smart Contract.

  • Manage High Volume Transactions in Real Time

    Verify and share transaction histories in real time for even service sectors that process high volume transactions.


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e-Document Authentication The e-Document Authentication services can be used for time stamping of electronic documents without the need for any third party authentication system, and enables cast savings and lowers risks from operations.
Digital Payment Platform
Direct Payment
Affiliate Authentication The blockchain solution is used to manage the authentication and authorization of customer information sharing between affiliates with user agreement
Financial Institution Authentication A host company can take the initiative and share customer identification info stored within the blockchain system for synergistic effect between financial institutions.
Full Digital Economy Privacy control for customers is essential for full Digital Economy and blockchain can be used to securely manage sensitive customer info. Customer identification info required for authentication are encrypted within each customer’s device and can be sent to a requesting company on demand.