Engineering B

Saved infra costs by 45% by building a global cloud system

"“Samsung SDS’ cloud solution provides the stable work environment without any service suspension or speed slow-down by establishing the most optimized system. Therefore, we were able to enhance our work productivity and reduce the IT operation cost.” "

IT Innovation Group, Engineering B


Engineering B has various construction sites worldwide. However, there have been issues of differences in the network speed and usability in each region and the balance with the same level of work system. That resulted in installing different type of servers depending on site and allocating operating personnel.

Therefore, Engineering B has reviewed its cloud environment that makes it easy to apply new technologies in order to respond to the environment where there are more collaboration among stakeholders from various countries as well as more large-scale and complicated projects by narrowing the gap of service levels between regions.


• Samsung SDS Cloud Service (Inc. R&D Cloud)
• AWS, Azure Service
• Cloud eXchange

Solution Details

• Apply distribution processes among clouds such as Samsung SDS’ cloud and AWS
• Flexibly operate resources through end-to-end integrated monitoring
• Provide the R&D cloud environment for CAD/CAE collaboration/high performance interpretation
• Apply the reasonable cost scheme based on the usage volume
• Consistent operation services for integrated management for multi-clouds


Engineering B has introduced the Samsung SDS’ cloud solution that has earned the high reputation in price and technology through the competitive bidding against other global cloud service providers. By considering the characteristics of the business, the architecture of multi-cloud environment has been established, which enables Engineering B to use services with stable performance by reducing the operation cost and strengthening security.