Global Constructor A

Reduced offline meetings and business trips by 30% , through remote collaboration

"“Nexplant 3D eXcellence facilitated real-time collaboration and communication, allowing project owner, field staff and architects to exchange information and ideas without restraint through a web browser, even from the sites in remote areas.”"

Building Business Team, Global Constructor A


Global Constructor A has implemented this project in 2020 in order to integrate scattered design management in the stage of bidding and implementation and systemize the ways of work. At first, Constructor A was concerned about its collaboration work for online design due to poor IT infrastructure environments by country as the company has a lot of work by sharing large-volume of design data and collaborating with the HQs, overseas sites and partners in the course of design work-constructor to design.


After reviewing various methods, Constructor A has applied the Samsung SDS’ Nexplat 3D eXcellence solution for smooth design collaboration based on large-volume data, which enables the company to integrate design data with other types of machines thanks to high performance data conversion and ultra-lightweight technology and share data even with low specifications of PCs.

Key Feature
• 2D/3D lightweight viewer
• Provide web-based viewer for general users without installation of 3D programs
• Individual construction type model
→ auto-conversion of integrated models, search
• Mark-up on search page, storage/sharing
• Linked to the information of BIM specifications


By greatly improving the collaboration environment for online design, Constructor A was able to improve the efficiency in collaboration as well as the management of design output by designers by contract. With the provision of 2D/3D web viewer, the speed is improved to get access to the design data on PC and mobile devices. The usability of 3D models by general users has been also drastically enhanced.

Despite poor IT infrastructure and network environments on overseas sites, users are able to stably implement design collaboration including design map review, tracking of design/construction issues and progress management between the HQs, overseas sites and constructors for design.