A task management and messaging platform

Enable easy integration and communication with mobile devices

Communication is an integral driving force in business today. Regardless of industry vertical or niche, many companies are looking for new and better ways to improve customer service, increase efficiencies, reduce down-time and accelerate real-time information transfer within the business.

With Samsung SDS Vantage, business can better address their task management and communication needs in real-time through an integrated platform. Samsung SDS Vantage provides a seamless, creative mobility solution for unique business challenges across various industries. Industry-specific modules can be customized and provisioned according to your business objectives and challenges.

Major Services

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  • Dashboard

    View key metrics of various active modules within the platform

  • Tasks

    Monitor the progression of tasks, response times, and who is currently assigned to each project

  • Personnel

    Access the status of employee devices and control provisions for specific features on their device

  • Locations

    Enable tracking and monitoring of all people and assets affixed with a sensor-based device

  • Shifts

    Record and edit, in real-time, shift hours and clock in/out data

  • Visitor tracking

    Register new visitors to your business of operation and enable access control with just a few mouse clicks

  • Push-To-Talk

    Specify the number of people that you want to directly communicate with in an easy communication medium

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