Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution center operation & inland transport services

We provide reliable inland transport services based on streamlined distribution center operation and well-prepared shipping plans

Samsung SDS develops strategies for the most efficient warehousing and transportation operations by using Cello and the latest IT solutions while shipping and storing your shipments safely and securely. We also maximize your operational efficiency by using a range of solutions to optimize and innovate warehouse tasks and processes.


  • We standardize a range of warehouse tasks and processes to provide an efficient warehouse operation



Major Services

  • Logistics network design
    Using Cello Warehouse Network Optimizer (Cello WNO), we figure out the location, size, and number of warehouses that best suit your requirements.
  • Warehouse design & operation strategy planning
    Our consulting experts with extensive experiences in warehouse design and operation develop your warehouse strategy and layouts by reflecting your shipment features, needs, routes, and volumes.
  • Warehouse operation & fulfillment
    With our industry-specific know-how in logistics operation and IT-enabled Cello platform, we standardize a range of warehouse tasks and processes to provide an efficient warehouse operation.
  • Transportation
    Based on our analysis of vehicles, routes, and delivery history, we come up with delivery plans to ensure the most effective operation and provide reliable, on-time delivery.
  • Smart warehousing & distribution
    We maximize the efficiency of warehousing and delivery operations by adopting optimization algorithms and the latest IT solutions.
  • Special cargo transport services
    We guarantee safe transport of your perishable shipments, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, and fragile or high-value goods from departure to arrival by using equipment for special cargo transport.

Cello Digital Services

IT-driven, additional logistics services

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