Enterprise Mobility Management

Protect your organization and secure your mission with Samsung SDS EMM . Manage your end user devices and protect your critical data.

Secure, manage, and deploy mission-critical mobile devices

Keeping your sensitive information safeguarded gets harder every day. Protect your sensitive information using Samsung SDS EMM. With Samsung SDS EMM, you can manage end user devices and protect your data, all from a central location. Samsung SDS EMM meets Government security standards, such as NIAP Common Criteria and DISA STIG, so you can ensure deploy your mobile solutions with confidence. Manage your devices more effectively and consistently with Samsung SDS EMM platform.


  • US NIAP Common Criteria
  • MDM PP 4.0
  • FIPS 140-2

Major Services

  • How Samsung EMM helps keep your
    mission-critical data secured





  • Device Management

    Specify security policies by department, user, and location using SDS EMM’s over-the-air device commands and provisioning tools.

  • Application Management

    Supply and distribute mobile applications, control access and monitor usage with SDS EMM.

  • Data Management

    Control access, protect data and provide virtual spaces for application data.

  • Android Enterprise

    Fully manage Android systems remotely. Set access policies, push updates and notifications, lock or deactivate devices, update user information and upgrade licenses and security features.

  • Offline Enrollment

    Enroll and unenroll uncommunicative devices. Users can deactivate devices without mobile connection by entering a set deactivation code. Install profiles on offline devices, allowing them to run events.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps Store

    Host your own internal app store. For organizations with strict policy, security, and procurement requirements, this is a must.

Use Cases


    Recommended Specifications
    • Algorithms

      - Supports RSA up to 4096 or ECDSA p256/p384 up to SHA384
      - Supports AES-256

    • Encryption/Decryption

      Uses FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic kernels

    • Supported OS

      - Android 5.0 or higher
      - Android Enterprise

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