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You used to have to choose between mobile convenience or tough security. Our solutions bring them together, so you can protect your data while making it easier for your users to access the information they need.

For I.T.

Keep the security. Lose the confusion.

Managing an ever-increasing number of usernames and passwords is tough. Our solutions make it easier. You can use a single sign-on everywhere, create your own combination of authentication methods, and even automate access so that if a person leaves or changes roles, their privileges update instantly.

For Users

Access data anywhere. Be protected everywhere.

With biometric authentication, you can access data easily—with just your fingerprint, face, or voice—and from anywhere with our cloud-based, strongly secured mobile solutions.


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    Streamlining the retail banking customer's experience with seamless authentication


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    Transform the customer experience and accelerate transactions with omni-channel collaboration


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    Manage security and customer experience with biometric authentication


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