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We enable banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions with software to protect their data and streamline authentication to help employees and customers access information securely and easily.


Ensure you are compliant

Companies within regulated industries often have many guidelines they need to follow and they must quickly adapt as these regulations evolve. Our solutions guarantee that regulated employees and their devices are always compliant with laws and business practices, leveraging software that runs within a device where employees cannot tamper with it.


Keep your financial data safe

Our solutions use unique biometric identifiers such as a fingerprint, face, and voice to provide authentication far stronger than a password. That means more secure transactions, documents that blur when unauthorized individuals try to read them, and other applications designed to keep your data safe.


Give your users a simpler experience

For a financial institution looking to expand mobile offerings or improve its overall experience, simplicity is key. With biometric authentication, you can authenticate new customers faster and make it easier for your employees to access the resources they need.


Manage access easily

In the financial industry, usernames and passwords accumulate quickly. They’re hard for users to remember and for IT to manage. Our services enable you to use a single sign-on across systems or create your own authentication combination. That means fewer help-desk tickets, reduced costs, and greater productivity.


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