Know your patients and treat them better

Go beyond standard healthcare. Offer differentiated healthcare solutions with the most advanced technologies. We give healthcare providers solutions to create personalized patient experiences and responsive environments where healthcare professionals can excel.

Provide comprehensive results and analysis

Accurate analysis of patient information

Receive full data reports, using EHR to compile and analyze medical records, genetic information, and lifestyle pattern data. Deliver treatments with greater accuracy, and support healthier lifestyle outcomes for all.

Intelligent Clinical Services

Be on the cutting edge

Fast, high quality patient care is vital for hospitals looking to digitize services. Our EHR solutions drive efficiency giving healthcare professionals the foresight needed for high quality preventative care. In addition, our Data Sweeper healthcare solution provide admitted patients with a bed side tablet that will keep track of their medical records from their stay and accounts for their entertainment. Their protection of all logged patient information is ensured, knowing that Data Sweeper will wipe the device of all previous patient material.


Protect patient privacy

With digitized healthcare and expanded mobile services, protecting privacy is now mission-critical. Our Data Sweeper healthcare solution secures sensitive patient data, while our EMM solution restricts access on devices to minimize exposure risk. All account log-ins and patient information are cleared and safe from reaching the hands of future patients using the same device. Each new admission starts with a customizable, clean slate.


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    Remote Management Service: Real-time monitoring services for place-based signage


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    RMS for Digital Signage: Optimally maintain digital signage while reducing costs


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