Know that your DOOH advertising is hitting its mark

Advertisers using digital signage need confirmation that their ads are delivering results. Our innovative digital signage solutions let you accurately identify the age, gender and sentiment of your ad viewers and optimize your advertising playlist while having peace of mind that your display or kiosk is operating properly.

Push the benefits of traditional out-of-home further with a DOOH solution that enables dynamic content. Leverage digital out-of-home technology that is contextually aware and uses facial analytics and behavioral sensing technology for more targeted and relevant messaging. Create an immersive and optimized approach to marketing with DOOH advertising.

Measure with video analytics

See results

Gain insight into the performance of your DOOH ads. Our video analytics software anonymously records and analyzes your DOOH ad viewership and delivers detailed reports so you can track ROI on your ad campaigns. Create real-time reports based on video analytics people counting, traffic flow, heat maps, and impressions. Provide marketers and agencies with better decision making tools.

Targeted DOOH advertising

Match your ads to your audience

Combine historical viewership data with rules to display contextually relevant content. DOOH can detect demographics based on smart camera inputs and can respond to consumers. Benefit from more effective targeting as consumers will receive information that is the most relevant to them.

Remote management

Operate displays reliably and efficiently

Our digital signage remote management solution strengthens reliability through real-time monitoring that lets you detect and address problems efficiently. Don’t lose costly downtime on damaged or vandalized displays. Our smart remote display sensors send notifications when maintenance is needed.

TONI&GUY talks about the benefits of DOOH advertising

With Samsung's digital signage solution, watch how TONI&GUY is able to leverage video analytics and remote management in stores across the globe.


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  • Samsung SDS drives the industry forward in the digital out-of-home space with digital signage solutions that benefit from analytics and business intelligence.

    Leaders in digital signage

    Samsung SDS is committed to ensuring we do our part to advance the digital out-of-home space with solutions and services that drive the industry forward. Our unique position to help drive change needed in the broader DOOH market allows us to provide expertise in analytics, digital signage, and business intelligence.

  • Digital display software targets audiences in real-time with a sophisticated rules-engine and CMS.

    Deliver personalization

    Target your audiences in real-time with a sophisticated rules-engine, digital display software and CMS. Improve the user-experience by incorporating data that optimizes content for weather or location of remote displays.

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