Continuous, frictionless identity authentication

Compromised or phished online credentials account for most of today’s data breaches. Recognize trusted customers and spot cybercriminals with continuous authentication using behavioral biometrics.


What can Behavioral Biometrics do for you and your business?

  • Combat call center fraud

    Replace lengthy knowledge-based authentication (KBA) for call center agents with customer-voice-enabled authentication. For mobile account access, voice or facial scans provide customers with a safe, simplified way to authenticate.

  • Strengthen authentication

    Complement existing security access controls by using a person’s unique behavior profile to continuously validate their identity throughout a session, on their mobile device or within an application. When anomalous behavior is detected, step-up process prompts for added verification, such as fingerprint or facial scan.

  • Reduce new account fraud

    Identify criminal behavior and stolen/fake identities in the application flow and during online sessions.

  • Prevent account takeovers

    Continuous authentication helps prevent against account takeovers by detecting aberrant behavior. Combat malware, robotic activity and social engineering attacks not recognized by traditional fraud prevention methods.


Take a closer look

  • TEE access

    Stores data in the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), the most secure area of a device’s main processor.

  • Cross-platform

    Works with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

  • Client/server compatibility

    Enables communication between the two locations where biometric data is stored, keeping your information safer.

  • PKI compliant

    Adheres to Public Key Infrastructure policies, strengthening identity protection.


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