Improve your competitive positioning with our high-speed blockchain solution

Speed up transaction throughput by up to 15 times with Nexledger Accelerator. Adopt our globally proven solution for enterprise across a wide variety of platforms using our specialized management features.


What can Nexledger Accelerator do for you and your business?

  • Improves performance by up to 15x compared to open source

    Take advantage of our performance enhancing solution in businesses that require high-speed transaction processing.

  • Provides specialized management functions

    Easily configure Nexledger Accelerator using our specialized management features. Monitor performance and system information in real-time through the dashboard.

  • Ensures broad applicability across different blockchain platforms

    Strengthen performance and ensure effective platform management by applying Nexledger Accelerator to your existing blockchain platforms.

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Discover how much Nexledger Accelerator is faster than Hyperledger Fabric.


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  • Real-time processing of vast amounts of data

    Quickly verify, store and share data among participants even in environments that handle more than 15,000 transactions per second.

  • Integration with existing blockchain networks

    Easily integrate our solution with your existing enterprise blockchains using Nexledger Accelerator’s pluggable and modular design.

  • Adaptive algorithm

    Minimize administrative burden with our adaptive algorithm that optimizes performance according to your infrastructure and business environment.


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  • White Paper

    How blockchain can enable manufacturing warranty management value chains


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IoT Securely store and share vast volumes of IoT data while maintaining data integrity by leveraging blockchain. Quickly query device data stored on blockchain with our solution.
Connected Car Quickly, accurately and securely transfer vehicle data including ownership, right to use, route information and statistics by applying blockchain and Nexledger Accelerator technology to connected car platforms.