Establish a secure and easy communication service

Samsung SDS’ IP Telephony (IPT) Services provide an economical, reliable and easy-to-use service that improves and upgrades your customer communication infrastructure. Our advanced IPT Services ensure stability through distribution and disaster recovery configuration. With an open-standards-based Internet Protocol, our IPT services transmit voice communications over the network to keep your employees connected at branch offices or remote locations.


What can IPT Services do for you and your business?

  • Advances your communication systems

    Enabling IP telephony allows various systems to converge with each other. Any user can combine multimedia technologies such as data, video, and voice into one cohesive and fully digital system. Enterprises will benefit from not only cost savings, but also an increase in production of employees around the globe.

  • Convenience wherever you are

    With Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), a user's phone number can reach them wherever they are. Users can start a call through their office's network and continue the call on the way home even while switching cellular systems. Stay connected and become more mobile with just one number.


Take a closer look

  • Technical support

    Samsung SDS provides technical support for call analysis with one of our IPT Specialists. Our specialists will ensure a secure IP based phone system as well as assist with implementing call encryption using TLS/sRTP.

  • Premium Caller-ID

    Entice immediate responses to calls with employee’s department and name information displayed.

  • Call history management

    With a few simple clicks, all call monitoring and history is accessible for statistics on usage or call logs.

  • Click-to-dial

    Integration with Outlook enables the ability to call employees with just one click.

  • International calls

    Seamlessly make international calls over a Global Voice network that offers an affordable rate.

  • Security

    Enable or disable eavesdropping even if phones are encrypted with international standards (TLS or sRTP).

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