An essential tool for multi-use devices

Clear application data, remove unwanted applications, and avoid the prolonged factory reset with Data Sweeper.


What can Data Sweeper do for you and your business?

  • Advanced patient record security for hospitals

    Provide each admitted patient with a bed side tablet that will keep track of their medical records from their stay and accounts for their entertainment. Ensure the protection of all logged patient information knowing that Data Sweeper will wipe the device of all previous patient material.

  • Seamless patient turnover for nurses

    Improve patient discharge and patient turnover with a seamless process. Without the extra step of IT intervention, simply press a button to avoid the time-consuming factory reset and ready the device for the next admission.

  • Peace of mind for patients

    All account log-ins and patient information are cleared and safe from reaching the hands of future patients using the same device. Each new admission starts with a customizable, clean slate.

  • Efficient shift work

    Reset any residual data on multi-use devices between shifts so incoming nurses and hospital staff can pick up from their own workflow.


Take a closer look

  • Time saving process

    Prior user application information and credentials can be cleared in seconds

  • Remove accounts and media

    All signed- in accounts and downloaded material on a device can be easily and quickly removed

  • Uninstall and clear application data

    Uninstalls all third-party applications and clears data of applications that have not been marked as exceptions


  • Supported OS Programs
    Samsung Android device with OS 7.0 (Lollipop) or later versions equipped with Knox and active internet connection
  • Configuration
    Functions through importable text file in JSON format

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