Improve competitiveness in offline stores

Make effective marketing decisions and enhance your store management based on objective analysis of customer behavior. Nexshop Behavior Sensing collects and analyzes data from in-store customers and their preferences. Retailers can allocate staff more strategically and confirm effectiveness of marketing efforts.


What can Nexshop Behavior Sensing do for you and your business?

  • Allocate staff optimally

    Know precisely how many sales associates you need and where they should be stationed to optimize store management and the customer experience.

  • Assess customer behavior

    Position products strategically by analyzing in-store customer movement and dwell times in each section.

  • Analyze customer flow

    Develop more effective marketing strategies using comparative analytics of customer flows at each store.

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Find out how Nexshop Behavior Sensing can improve marketing based on customer analysis.


Take a closer look

  • Flexible staff management

    Enhance store operation efficiency by having the right amount of staff based on customer traffic.

  • Product preference

    Place products strategically by tracking customer movement and traffic within the store.

  • Comparison of sales by store

    Get fuller insights on sales patterns using various indicators such as visitor counts, purchases, and spontaneous purchases.

  • Conversion funnel analytics

    Check customer response to products by comparing the sales rate to customer traffic during a set period.

  • In-store customer trends

    Analyze customer traffic in real time and collect data on in-store customers categorized by weather and time of day.


  • Sensing Camera
    Type : IP camera
    Stream Format : H.264
    Resolution : Min. 1.3 M pixels or up, HD support
    Input Voltage : PoE
  • Analytics Device
    CPU : icore7 4th generation or higher
    Memory : 4GB or higher


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