Innovate the in-store experience.

A retailer’s success depends on getting to know their customer better. Nexshop Marketing is a retail sales and marketing support solution that strengthens the relationship between stores and their customers. This gives the shopper a better, more enjoyable shopping experience while providing retailers with the tools they need to be more efficient by combining audience measurement capabilities with real-time contextual inputs.


What can Nexshop Marketing do for you and your business?

  • Ad matching on the fly

    Analyze input from multiple data sources and quantitatively measure effectiveness and interested consumers, giving retailers, mall operators, or publishers the ability to tailor promotions and ad content based on real-time data.

  • Measure effectiveness

    Use the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Index to evaluate ad effectiveness and generate reports that highlight demographic groups and consumer behaviors.

  • Real-time data

    Multiple data inputs such as video, indoor/outdoor positioning, Wi-Fi, and beacons give decision-makers the ability to target their key audiences.

  • Intelligent stores

    Deliver differentiated shopping experiences with interactive digital screens.

  • Targeted marketing

    Carry out targeted marketing through customers’ in-store movement and route analysis.

  • Staff allocation

    Understand how many employees need to be in the store and where they should be located for optimal customer experiences.

  • Effective management

    In-store customer-behavior monitoring delivers store-level data collection in real-time and remote access to key information.

"Walking through an actual house by pinching into the screen and giving them that experience puts us at the cutting edge of another new form of technology.”

- Joanne Geary, Director, Group Head of Marketing & Business Development

See how Nexshop Marketing works in the real world

Follow along as we learn how the Nexshop Suite can improve in-store customer experiences


Take a closer look

  • Indoor sensing

    Optimize in-store marketing by tracking customers’ movements and routes.

  • Customer-to-staff allocation

    People Counter keeps track of customers in a store environment, giving management critical data to deploy staff where and when they are needed.

  • Interactive display

    Use digital experiences to enhance the customer interaction and deliver targeted content.


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    See how Nexshop Marketing works in the real world


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