Cloud-based maintenance services

Keep all your devices working properly and fully updated through a convenient cloud-based maintenance service. Our Remote Management Solution monitors all connected devices while identifying problems before they happen, freeing you to provide service efficiently from anywhere.


What can Brightics IoT RMS do for you and your business?

  • Reduces maintenance costs

    Perform routine maintenance checks and install software updates from the comfort of your desk.

  • Simplifies technical support

    Quickly assess and repair devices with remote access.

  • Strengthens reliability

    Provide quick and accessible support to customers for fast and easy repairs with real-time monitoring and the ability to detect problems before they occur.

  • Expands business opportunities

    Create new products and solutions with the power of our big data analysis of customer needs.

See how RMS works in the real world

Upgrade your tech support to the cloud.


Take a closer look

  • Multi-device connectivity

    Connects multiple devices with SDKs and adaptors supporting format conversions and a range of protocols such as CoAP, MQTT, and REST.

  • Massive Data Processing

    Process large data volumes with grid-based data buses in real-time across your expanding network of connected devices.

  • Development support

    Supports the development of third-party applications, as well as device monitoring and control, using REST-based open APIs.

  • Encryption master key

    Stores data with master encryption keys that can be privately shared for an extra layer of protection.

  • Complex real-time event response

    Analyzes and controls events in real-time, with automated response capability and a controlled workflow that can process multiple rules at once.


  • Device Management
    Easily monitor multiple devices in real-time.
  • Asset Management
    Track all your devices and filter features if necessary.
  • Remote Management
    Get remote access to devices for problem solving.
  • Software Management
    Schedule firmware updates for multiple devices remotely.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Predict and respond to problems with big data analysis.


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  • Infographic

    Remote Management Service: Real-time monitoring services for place-based signage


  • Brief

    RMS for Digital Signage: Optimally maintain digial signage while reducing costs


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Smart Factories
Factory managers can control equipment and cut costs with ease, with RMS real-time monitoring and convenient data transfers across ERT, SCM, and PLM systems.
Smart Home
Respond to home vulnerabilities quickly with remote monitoring and device control. Keep your family safe conveniently from your smartphone.
B2B Business
RMS lets customers easily monitor and control printers, medical equipment, compressors, AC systems, and industrial ESS remotely for better maintenance and error prevention services.
Rental Companies
RMS can help rental companies better manage devices cost-effectively. Operate within your budget efficiently by tracking devices and keeping them updated.