Optimize the user experience for smart, walkable venues

Our high-quality digital signage solutions are equipped with software that helps you ensure your hardware is fully operational, establish metrics, and understand viewership. With geolocation wayfinding, adaptive visitor navigation automatically updates for changes in layout. From malls to department stores to convention centers, stadiums, museums and hospitals, Samsung SDS’ turnkey Venue Digitalization solution transforms the user experience and creates smart, walkable venues.


What can Venue Digitalization do for you and your business?

  • Dynamic infotainment

    Digital signage’s layout supports user-friendly creation of various combinations of type and format. ContentHub acts as central management for all content including external data sources such as traffic and weather.

  • Geolocation wayfinding

    Easily configure venue information, including layout and facilities on the map. Use our geolocation-powered algorithm to calculate the optimal route in case of circumstantial changes. Monitor and set real-time wayfinding previews on a PC or mobile device.

  • Smart ad sales

    Support digital ad management with Smart Ad Sales and analyze ad playout data. Optimally manage advertisements using system generated information. Rely on an easy, end-to-end ad management process from registering the ad space to reporting proof of play and concept.

  • Performance analysis for exhibitors

    Utilize video analytics and provide exhibitors with visitor metrics that include people counting, zone analysis, and heatmapping. Analyze the number of visitors entering and exiting the booth in real-time, classify booths into multiple zones and count visitors for each zone, and analyze customer dwell times in specific areas to identify products or services of their interest.


Take a closer look

  • Post-trade show engagement

    Facilitate follow-up communication between visitors and exhibitors while venue owners are able to track activities and measure ROI for an event

  • Smart exhibition pass

    Enable venue owners to enhance the visitor experience with personalized booth recommendations and downloadable content for offline viewing

  • Digital ad consultation & planning

    Provide venue owners with an estimated cost in advance to maximize ad sales revenue

  • Personalized booth recommendations for convention centers

    Aid venue owners to improve exhibition convenience for their visitors while increasing visitor traffic to booths

  • Precision indoor navigation

    Improve the visitor experience by providing accurate indoor navigation using multiple sensors

  • Contextual digital signage

    Target ads based on customer demographics and contextual relevance in real-time


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