• Hudson Mercantile
  • New York City
  • 24 SEPTEMBER, 2019

Where science meets reality

This is not another data science conference about algorithms. The MLOps NYC conference focuses on managing and automating machine learning pipelines, to bring data science into real business applications. The conference will go beyond theory, with industry leaders sharing painful machine learning experiences which involve running experiments at scale, versioning, delivery to production, reproducibility and data access. The full day conference will cover a wide range of topics such as AI in business apps, ML model training at a scale, Kubeflow, MLSpec, MLflow, serverless in machine learning and using GPUs to accelrate training.

Iguazio is partnering with Samsung SDS to accelerate and streamline the delivery of intelligent applications. Iguazio's high-performance platform will enhance Samsung's cloud services portfolio, powering serverless agility and data science operations for cloud native and AI-driven applications. A platform that includes data services and AI tools also empowers end-to-end serverless agility in the enterprise and real-time applications to improve performance, security, collaboration and the scalability of machine learning.

Talks from past events

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