Interactive Patient Care

Streamline workflows, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce IT workload with multi-purpose Samsung devices for patients attached to your organization’s systems. Empower your patients with easily accessible information and the comforts of home.

Deliver better and more efficient patient care

Deliver reliable and scalable applications to your patients that bring them the comforts of home, while reducing workloads for both medical and IT staff. Simplify how your patients engage with their clinicians. Access information by integrating intuitive Samsung Galaxy tablets with internal clinic systems to deliver care plan educational content, tools to stay connected with family, food ordering, streaming services, and virtual clinician rounding. With Samsung Interactive Patient Care Bundles, reduce costs and the need for single-use devices by joining them under a unified platform to help patients engage better with their treatment.

Major Services

  • “Reduce costs and simplify patient interactions”




  • Improve patient communication

    Make communication with patients more clear by giving them access to language and interpretation services as well as telemedicine – helping them get care in the manner they need.

  • Integrate with your clinic systems.

    Integrate your Samsung tablets with common hospital and information systems to streamline patient satisfaction and education efforts.

  • Simple provisioning and configuration

    Enroll, configure and manage devices remotely. IT teams have the option to automatically provision devices, update profiles and wallpapers, and change device settings on the fly.

  • Bring patients the comforts of home.

    Samsung tablets connect to streaming and video chat services – providing patients with some of the comforts of home like streaming services or chatting with loved ones in a single button press.

  • Leverage virtual communication tools

    Make virtual rounding a reality by allowing physicians to consult with patients through their bedside tablet. Reduce levels of PPE usage in the case of infectious diseases while providing a comfortable experience.

  • Reduce costs

    Samsung Galaxy tablets for medical use are based on consumer tablets and come at a reduced cost compared to most specialized medical equipment, helping save your organization money.