Samsung SDS presents on Blockchain technology at Money 20/20 Europe

On Tuesday June 27th Dr. Hong, President of Samsung SDS Solutions Business, presented a keynote speech at Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen around Blockchain technology. The speech was specifically on the topic of ‘Going beyond commercialization of Blockchain and digital banking' and introduced Samsung SDS’ Blockchain platform, NexledgerTM.

Blockchain was a major topic during this event with many attendees looking to learn more about the subject and any technology surrounding it. Samsung SDS was specifically invited to speak around Blockchain as it has applied its own Blockchain platform in Korea for a native credit card company.

During his speech, Dr. Hong spoke about Nexledger’s use cases, from digital identification to developing payment services and electronic documents. He also discussed FIDO-based biometric authentication and its use cases, such as auto login. Furthermore, he introduced concepts around smart contracts for insurance claims, automated payments, and digital logistics.

Additionally, Dr. Hong expressed plans to create new value by evolving Blockchain technology in areas such as electronic payments with IoT technology and personal health information tracking, which attracted the greatest amount of interest from the audience.

In 2016, Samsung SDS joined a global Blockchain project, Hyperledger, operated by the Linux Foundation and in May of this year, the company joined the global Blockchain alliance EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) as a member.

Furthermore, Samsung SDS led the launch of a Blockchain consortium in Korea between government agencies, such as the Customs Service and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and shipping logistics companies including Hyundai Merchant Marine and Korea Shipping.

“I’m glad we’re able to share Samsung SDS’ technological capabilities at a global event focused on blockchain,” said Dr. Hong, “As the global market is in its early stage of commercializing Blockchain, Samsung SDS plans to lead the market with its technology.”

Money 20/20 Europe is the largest Fintech conference in Europe. Over 1,500 banks, credit card companies, financial services institutions, and mobile and telecommunications companies participated in this event.

Samsung SDS is leading the Korean market in blockchain by investing in venture companies. In addition to blockchain technologies, Samsung SDS is looking into other innovative technology.

Missed us at Money 20/20 Europe? Watch the Keynote here!

If you missed us at Money 20/20 Europe? Watch the Keynote here.

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