Samsung SDS Establishes an Integrated Cloud-based IT Operating System

Front View of Samsung SDS Pangyo IT Campus

+ Shifting to cloud-based remote operating system for ITO work conducted at customer sites
+ Around 2,000 SDS employees working at customer sites to move into Pangyo IT Campus
+ To continuously pursue “cloud-first strategy” by nurturing experts and improving employee competence

Samsung SDS is set to fully operate its cloud-based IT operating system.

The company announced that it opened Pangyo IT Campus in a move to transform its IT outsourcing (ITO) work, which used to be conducted at the customer company sites, into a remote operating system by deploying cloud technology.

With this, around 2,000 employees of Samsung SDS dispatched at various different sites of customer companies can now work together at Pangyo IT Campus through an integrated cloud-based IT operating system.

Moreover, the company plans to continuously seek innovation in its ITO business through standardization of customers’ systems to SaaS and automation of operation work based on DevOps that combines development and operations.

Along with this, it will further accelerate efforts to convert its legacy systems into applications fit for the cloud environment by using methodologies and knowhow on application modernization, such as containers and microservice architecture (MSA) suitable for the cloud native environment.

What’s also notable is that the company’s Pangyo IT Campus created a work environment where employees can safely access the networks of customer companies at any place with Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology that enables network management through software.

In addition, the company further strengthened its security policy, including the IT security system, face recognition access system, and intelligent video security control, in line with the security rules of customer companies to prevent leakage of customer information.

Scott HJ Koo, Executive Vice President and Leader of Cloud Service Business Division at Samsung SDS, said that “a shift towards an integrated cloud-based IT operating system is expected to become a new standard of IT operation work” and that “Samsung SDS will continue to strengthen cloud capabilities and nurture experts in the regarding field to give momentum to its cloud-first strategy.”