Samsung SDS Announces Second-Quarter 2021 Financial Results

+ 26.7% and 14.2% YoY increase in revenue and operating profit, respectively
+ Growth in both IT services (cloud, ERP, smart factory, etc) and IT platform-based logistics business

On July 27, Samsung SDS announced that it recorded revenue of KRW 3.2509 trillion and operating profit of KRW 224.7 billion in the second quarter of 2021. Revenue and operating profit increased 26.7% and 14.2% YoY, respectively.

IT service revenue marked KRW 1.3919 trillion, or 5.5% YoY, thanks to recovery of corporate customers' IT investments, such as cloud migration, ERP business diversification, smart factory system implementation, global business expansion in enterprise mobile management (EMM), video conference solution (Brity Meeting) and DT-based task automation service (Brity RPA) adoption.

IT-platform based logistics business recorded revenue of KRW 1.859 trillion, which is 49.1% YoY growth derived from increase in volume of goods for IT devices, higher sea freight rates and external business expansion.

Samsung SDS expects corporate IT investment to gradually expand despite the difficult business environment in the remaining year.

In the second half of the year, Samsung SDS plans to focus on providing advanced enterprise cloud services, pursuing external business with next-generation ERP, diversifying industries of smart factory business, and promoting logistics automation services for manufacturing plants and distribution centers.

In the logistics sector, Samsung SDS plans to preemptively provide logistics services in preparation for expected increase in cargo volume in the second half of the year. The company will also enhance its IT logistics platform, Cello Square, and expand the scope of services to international transportation and fulfillment to strengthen its global logistics business competitiveness with accuracy and visibility.

Second Quarter 2021 Results

Samsung SDS quarterly sales, sales office items include Q2 2021, Q1 2021, QoQ, Q2 2020, and YoY.
'21.2Q '21.1Q QoQ '20.2Q YoY
Revenue 3,250.9 3,061.3 +6.2% 2,566.6 +26.7%
Operating Profit 224.7 217.1 +3.5% 196.7 +14.2.8%

(Unit: KRW in billion)