Users Can Now Experience Samsung SDS’s Core Digital Transformation Technologies

+ To provide ‘My Trial’ service for users to easily experience core ABCDS* digital transformation technologies
+ Free trials to be provided on official website from August

* ABCDS: AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Analytics, Security

Samsung SDS introduced cloud-based Digital Transformation Engine that integrates advanced technologies and its capabilities in IT services to support customers’ digital transformation. The company also unveiled ‘My Trial’ service that will provide free trials of its key technologies.

DT Engine Ai/Analytics and IoT, Automation and Collaboration, Blockchain, cloud and security Ai/Analytics and IoT Bightics Ai Brightics IoT Automation and Collaboration Brity RPA Brity Assistant Brity Messenger Blockchain Nexledger cloud and security SDS cloud, SDS Security
Samsung SDS's Digital transformation Engine

The Digital Transformation Engine is divided into four platforms and services based on Samsung SDS’s core ABCDS technologies.

First, AI/Analytics & IoT is formed with 'Brightics IoT' platform that collects and refines massive amount of data, and 'Brightics AI', an integrated artificial intelligence platform that adds speed and intelligence to the big data analysis.

Second, Automatic & Collaboration enables future of work through enterprise solutions including automation solution 'Brity RPA', virtual assistant 'Brity Assistant', and messenger service 'Brity Messenger'.

Third, Blockchain supports digital innovation through 'Nexledger' platform with high speed performance that is more than 10 times faster than the existing services. It is currently applied in various fields such as identity authentication, payment, asset tracking, and distribution history management.

Finally, Cloud & Security is formed with 'SDS Cloud', hybrid cloud service optimized for enterprise customers and total security service, 'SDS Security'.

The users can experience above-mentioned technologies on ‘My Trial’ service on Samsung SDS’s website where 90-day free trials of Brightics AI, Brightics IoT, Brity RPA and Nexledger are available on cloud environment. ‘My Trial’ service launched in Korea on July 1 and is available to the global users from August.

Samsung SDS plans to continuously expand its free trial options.

Dr. WP Hong, President and CEO of Samsung SDS said, “We will proactively support our customers’ digital innovation with Digital Transformation Engine that integrates Samsung SDS’s core technologies and platform capabilities.”