Single Customer View

Remove siloes and gain a single point of view over your company’s systems. Access, upload and interact with data from anywhere.

Consolidate your systems behind a single pane of glass

Samsung SCV helps organizations consolidate and act on information in a more efficient way. Department and data agnostic, SCV helps maximize collaboration between multiple business units and functions as a main repository for all of a company’s data. Data viewed on SCV is fully actionable, letting your employees view and work on information. Gain deep insight into your business’ data from any source, and ensure that your employees are fully informed whatever their role.

Major services

  • Boost ROI and develop stronger business intelligence frameworks




  • Connect with all business software

    Single Customer View connects with all external and internal software your employees need to do their jobs. Consolidate all your systems under one roof in a clean easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Create a single space to work

    Allow your employees to work from a single dashboard. Trigger actions in individual softwares directly from the SCV portal, eliminating swivel chairing between different software.

  • Develop unified profiles

    Collect and organize employee or customer data into a single unified view, allowing you to drill down on specifics. All data is in full compliance with opt-in/out laws.

  • Work with efficient and effective data

    Eliminate duplicate or missing data by using Samsung’s best practice data quality frameworks to enhance performance and ensure that your team is working with the best information possible.

  • Develop new expertise

    Leverage Samsung’s resources and personnel such as data engineers, system engineers and project managers to develop a successful and scalable single view for all of your information.

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