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Caidentia is global SaaS Procurement and SRM solutions. Caidentia delivers new insight into design, sourcing, and procurement that drives significantly improved operational performance, flawless execution, and cost savings.
With our unique, patented AI functionalities, you'll gain a competitive advantage in your design-to-pay workflows.

Key Features


Case Studies

Managing costs from the design stage and streamlining collaboration to reduce the lead time for the procurement process

Consumer Electronics
Managing costs from the design stage and streamlining collaboration to reduce the lead time for the procurement process

Building an OEM collaboration portal for a tight collaboration from product planning to pre-warehousing stages

Optimizing cosmetic packaging tasks and enhancing product quality by providing visibility throughout the entire processes

Food and Beverages
Strategically reducing raw materials’ cost while enhancing hygiene and quality

Awards & Recognition

Samung SDS acknowledged by global experts.


  • Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. It involves activities such as supplier selection, contract negotiation, and ensuring timely delivery.

  • Sourcing focuses on identifying potential suppliers and selecting the most suitable one. Procurement encompasses the entire process of acquiring goods or services, including sourcing, negotiating contracts, purchasing, and managing supplier relationships.

  • Procurement is crucial because it helps reduce costs, ensures a steady supply of necessary goods and services, maintains quality standards, and manages supplier relationships. Efficient procurement leads to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • The key steps include identifying needs, specifying requirements, identifying suppliers, soliciting bids, evaluating and selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing orders and delivery.

  • Strategic sourcing involves analyzing the organization’s spend, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and developing strategic partnerships with suppliers to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Benefits include streamlining the procurement process, reducing costs, improving compliance and transparency, enhancing supplier management, and providing valuable insights through data analytics.

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