Samsung SDS SRM

Transform Design-to-Pay with AI Insights

Design-to-Pay for your Core Business Process

Samsung SDS SRM is global SaaS Procurement and SRM solutions. We deliver new insight into design, sourcing, and procurement that drives significantly improved operational performance, flawless execution, and cost savings.
With our unique, patented AI functionalities, you'll gain a competitive advantage in your design-to-pay workflows.


  • Want to enhance the efficiency of your procurement process? Learn how Samsung SDS helps you transform procurement process with design-to-pay solution





We complete our vision of providing end-to-end supply chain solution, expanding our capabilities from supply chain planning and execution to now procurement and sourcing.

Our unified solution can streamline operations since all the data and systems are integrated in one platform and also provide holistic insight from having the entire supply chain visibility.


Key Features

Use Cases

Data-driven collaboration between procurement and engineering/production/suppliers from design to mass production.

Effortlessly source capable suppliers for cutting-edge technology to maximize yield and ensure delivery resiliency.

Food & Beverage
Strategically reduce raw materials’ cost, while enhancing hygiene and quality.

Agile SCM via collaboration with various types of suppliers in the trend-focused industry with short product life cycles.

Effectively address quality, cost, and delivery challenges specifically related to cosmetic containers in response to shifting trends.

Awards & Recognition


  • We offer a SaaS service for all phases of procurement and SRM, including Procure to Pay, Source to Contract, Supplier Management, Spend Management, and Design-to-Source.

  • It can be used in a web environment without restrictions from other regions or countries.

  • The solution provides user convenience, efficient and transparent purchasing, systematic supplier management, and information visibility.

  • For user-specific tasks and log management, duplicate logins are not allowed.

  • This system allows users to upload contracts written offline to the system to proceed with electronic contracts, and also manage contracts that have already been completed by uploading them to the system.

  • The PR (Purchasing Request), PO (Purchase Order), item data, supplier account information, and unit price information are mainly interfaced, and corresponding data can be given or received depending on the situation.

  • Multilingual functionality is supported by the solution, which makes adding and managing more languages simple. Users can also apply other currencies, exchange rates, and time zones.

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