Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. (“Company”) is committed to protect our users’ personal information and also to comply with the relevant privacy laws. This page describes exactly how and why the Company collects and uses personal information from its users.

1. Personal Information Collected

- name, email address, contact number
* company may also collect other information such as company name, sales territory

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

The Company will not subsequently change the way a user’s personal data is used without the user’s consent, as required by applicable law. Unless otherwise stated at the time of collection, the Company will use the user’s personal data only in the following ways:
- To respond to and manage customer inquiries concerning partner program, services/products and company information.

3. Retention of Collected Information

(1) Retention of information in accordance with the Company's policies:
- Retained items: Information listed in Article 1.
- retention period: 2 years from the user’s last access to the website
(2) Retention of information as required under applicable laws and regulations
If the retention of any personal information is required under applicable laws and regulations, the Company will retain the information for a period in accordance with these laws and regulations.

4. Refusal to Consent

Users have the right to refuse to collection of information. However, if the user refuse to consent, the Company will be unable to respond to the enquiry registered.
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