Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. (“Company”)may transfer personal information with third parties overseas and process the information in servers located outside your country of residence.

1. Information transferred

- Required information: Email address
- Optional Information: First name, Last name
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※ The required and optional information above includes not only the original
information collected from users but also changes made to it.

2. Countries to which personal information is transferred, when and how to transfer the information

- Country to which personal information is transferred : Australia
- Date and method of transfer: Transfer through network at the time of using internet related service provided via Samsung SDS website

3. Name of the outside service provider receiving personal information

Company: Oracle Corporation Data Center (Australia)
- Contact
      Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle Corporation
      10 Van de Graaff Drive
      Burlington, MA 01803

4. The service provider’s purpose of using personal information

The Company transfers personal information to the outside service provider so that it can conduct the tasks required to provide the following services, and oversees them to ensure that the service provider complies with the relevant privacy laws:

- To respond to and manage inquiries concerning the company, services/products, investment, career opportunities, website management.
- To provide events and other services, and to carry out email marketing activities
- To respond to event-related inquiries, confirm users’ identity for their participation in events, and prepare, conduct, review, and manage events based on customer requirements.

5. The outside service provider’s retention period of personal information

The Company shall retain the user’s personal information for 2 years after the user agrees to its collection and use. The Company shall immediately destroy the information when the retention period expires. However, if the retention of any personal information is required under applicable laws and regulations, the Company shall retain the information for a period in accordance with these laws and regulations.

6. Refusal to Consent

Users have the right to refuse collection of information. There may be restrictions in service if user refuse to consent.

※ For further information, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the Samsung SDS website. (