Please read carefully the following details on the collection and use of personal information before allowing to receive further communication from Samsung SDS.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

To send marketing materials such as news on latest releases of Samsung SDS solutions, events, and newsletters via email, and gifts.

2. Items of personal information collected

- Required information: First name, Last name, Email address, Contact number
- Optional Information: Company name, User’s Job Title at user’s company
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3. Retention of Collected Personal Information

Personal information shall be retained for two years from the approval to the collection and usage of personal information after which shall be destroyed without delay. However, if the retention of any personal information is required under applicable laws and regulations, such information shall be retained for a period in accordance with these laws and regulations.

4. You have the right to refuse to collection of information.

There may be restrictions in receiving information on Samsung SDS solutions and events if user refuse to consent.

※ Please refer to the Privacy Policy available at Samsung SDS website( for more details on the collection and usage of personal information.