Reporting Wrongful Practices

Informant's identity will be kept strictly confidential

We await the information regarding Samsung SDS employees' unfair business process, unreasonable demands and corruptions by abuse of authority, and such informations shall be processed with confidentiality

Unfortunantely, investigations may not proceed should any annonymous report lack detailed information

  • Audit Target

    Domestic and overseas offices and subsidiaries of Samsung SDS

  • Types of Reports

    Facts of employee embezzlement and acceptance of gifts

    Jobs done unfairly by employees

    Facts of requests for money/gifts or of provision of such money/gifts

    Participation in unfair stock trading in non-listed vendors

    Double-employment of employees

  • How to Report

    E-Mail :

    Telephone : 82-6155-1699

    FAX : 82-6155-0287

    Address : 28 Fl, West Campus , Samsung SDS Tower, 125 Olympic-ro 35-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 138-240