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  • We are receiving reports on any wrongful practices that may result unfair profit or loss to the company such as Receiving Bribes and Entertainment, Monetary Transactions, Giving Favors to Suppliers, Pursuit of Personal Gains, Theft, Disclosure of Confidential Information, etc.

    ※ Other Reporting Channels : SAMSUNG SDS CO. LTD. Audit Team
    - TEL : 02-6155-1699
    - FAX : 02-6155-0287
    - E-MAIL :

  • One of the important elements for the company’s compliance efforts is to identify and prevent potential violations of laws, and we strongly encourage you to report any suspected violations of laws in connection with the company. (Fair Competition, Third-Party Compliance, Labor law, Trade Secrets Infringement, Anti-corruption, Personal Data Protection, Etc)

    ※ Other Reporting Channels : SAMSUNG SDS CO. LTD. Compliance Team
    - TEL : 02-6155-2525
    - FAX : 02-6155-0246
    - E-MAIL :



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Collection and use of personal information

Privacy Policy for details on the personal information's collect and use

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information:
Handling reported matter according to information

2. Personal information items collected:
- Mandatory Item : Name
- Optional Item : Contacts, Email Address

3. Period of holding and using collected personal information:
2 years (After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information will be deleted without delay.)

※ You have the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of the above personal information.
If you do not agree, please inform us anonymously because it is difficult to process reported matter and reply the results of the anonymous report.