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Consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

Privacy Policy for details on the personal information's collect and use

1. What and How Personal Information We Collect
(1) Information We Collect
Required Information: Not applicable
Optional: Name, email address, contact number

Refusal of Consent and Disadvantages
- Users have the right to refuse to collection of information. However, if the user refuse to consent, the company will be unable to respond to the enquiry registered.

(2) How We Collect Information
□ The Company collects personal information through the following means:
- “Security Report Center” menu on its website.

2. The Purpose for Collecting and Using Personal Information
□ The Company uses the collected information for the following purposes:
- To provide feedback on and manage reports on security.

3. Retention Period of Personal Information
The company destroys the information as soon as it receives feedback on customer inquiries, reports on fraud, and security-related complaints.


All information you provide will be kept confidential and your anonymity will be also guaranteed.