Samsung SDS Announces 2024 Executive Promotions

On November 29, Samsung SDS newly appointed two executive vice presidents and seven vice presidents.

Samsung SDS has valued talented individuals with excellent achievements and growth potential in various fields to enhance its competitiveness in cloud and digital logistics businesses and lead innovation in generative AI-based Hyper Automation, amid an uncertain business environment.

Especially, in order to cultivate the next generation of young leaders who lead challenges and innovation for future growth, Samsung SDS has promoted talented individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance and capabilities, surpassing age barriers, by appointing the first-ever vice presidents in their 30s.

Samsung SDS also promoted outstanding female talents for seven consecutive years. The company plans to strengthen its position as a company specializing in cloud and digital logistics services optimized for the corporate environment through executive appointments. Samsung SDS also aims to enhance its technology leadership and business competitiveness.

< 2024 Executive Promotions >

▲ VP → EVP (2)
Daewoo Kim Executive Vice President (Leader of Solution Development Office)
Youngseok Oh Executive Vice President (Leader of Samsung Security Center)

▲ CL4 → VP (7)
Yeongdae Kwon Vice President (XTerra Lab Leader)
Will SungGon Kim Vice President (Cello Square Operation Team Leader)
Seungki Kim Vice President (Cloud N/W Service Team Leader)
Hank W. Bae Vice President (Datacenter Innovation Team Leader)
Sakong Kyung Vice President (CX SaaS Group Leader)
Minshik Youn Vice President (Electronics HQ Business Group Leader)
Seongjoong Chang Vice President (C&C Product Planning Group Leader)