Digital Responsibility

Digital Responsibility

Samsung SDS works toward ensuring open source compliance and contributing to open source ecosystem.

Samsung SDS works toward ensuring open source compliance and contributing to open source ecosystem. The company’s core values being sharing and collaboration, Samsung SDS also pursues various activities to promote shared growth of open source community and developers. Samsung SDS implements open source policy in order to guarantee the appropriate usage of open source software and to autonomously meet obligations. This prevents legal risks that may arise from violating obligations or from indiscreet usage/ distribution of open source license as well as violation of exclusive rights, and can also contribute to creating value by utilizing open source. Samsung SDS implements open source policy that includes the following elements.

Samsung SDS Open Source Policy contains Training & Assesment, Organization & Role, Open Source Usage and Notice, Open Source Contribution, Responding to External Inquiry →Share Grouth Value Generation, Sharing & Collaboration, Ensuring Complience
Organization & Role

Samsung SDS runs the Open Source Program Office (hereinafter OSPO) to guarantee the efficient implementation of open source policy. OSPO supports/ manages employees’ safe and efficient open source activities, and provides guidance on executing proper compliance and open source use. This resource is responsible for setting up open source strategies to be applied across the entire company (e.g., crafting policy, training programs, spreading culture and etc.).

OPSO - Open Source Program Manager - Legal, Complience, License, Security, Patent, Development Culture - Development Team/Operation Team

Open Source Usage

At Samsung SDS, all employees comply with the open source policy and associated processes based on a thorough understanding when open sourcing software development. If employees have questions about policy compliance, refer them to OSPO to seek guidance.

Open Source Notice

At the point of distributing the software developed under an open source license, the employee is under an obligation to notify the user of open source use. This rule applies to all software developed by Samsung SDS that is delivered to clients.

Open Source Contribution

Samsung SDS encourages employees to participate in external open source projects to make contributions to creating business value in the open source software environment, and ensures policy compliance to prevent unintentional IP leaks or 3rd party infringements.

Responding to External Inquiries

OSPO immediately reviews the received external inquiries or requests about open source, and delegates authority to the appropriate organization to promptly address them.

Open Source Training

Samsung SDS offers regular open source training sessions to employees to spread the open source policy across the company and for employees to be aware of associated risks when open source obligations are not met. The company also operates an internal open source portal that is accessible to employees to refer to when having questions about open source policy.



If you have any inquiries or requests about guidance on open source, refer them to OSPO at Samsung SDS.
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All contents of Samsung SDS’ open source guide are based on OpenChain 2.1.
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