Samsung Digital Marketing

Put the power of Samsung’s digital marketing team in your hands. Our marketing professionals will help your organization get the most out of its email marketing campaigns, from planning to reporting

We have the experience to make your marketing dreams reality.

Whether you’re looking to build out programs from scratch, or improve on your processes – Samsung’s digital marketing team can help you get the best out of your email marketing campaigns. Using our knowledge from running marketing programs for one of the world’s largest companies, we can help you get the results you want.

With Samsung SDS frameworks and expertise, organizations can become more effective in their marketing strategies while still being more cost-efficient when compared to using traditional agencies.

Major services



Key Services

  • A proven approach

    Samsung SDS has been deploying marketing emails for Samsung, sending over a billion emails a year targeted to a wide array of demographics and markets.

  • Lower cost

    We are more efficient than a traditional marketing agency, running on lean teams and streamlined workflows. We’ve delivered up to 30% more marketing resource efficiency for a lower total spend.

  • Continuous enhancements

    Samsung continually works to enhance its clients’ programs for engagement, deliverability and performance. Our automation tools consistently look for ways to deliver value and improve on processes.

  • An optimized experience

    With a focus on efficiency, Samsung helps your organization identify redundant tasks, provides greater transparency in marketing teams and expedites campaign deployment and development times.

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