Brightics Analytics Services

The fastest way to implement AI and secure a competitive edge - a subscription service for data analysis

An enterprise analytics service for innovating your business

Brightics Analytics Services is an enterprise subscription analytics service that enables companies to quickly and easily combine digital transformation with legacy systems in use, even if they have no experience in adopting AI such as machine learning or deep learning.

Major Services

Apply proven, pre-built analytics models with ease and speed

  • CVR of analysis-driven target marketing 75% Higher than CVR of mass marketing




Gain Brightics AI's ample analytics cases and experience with analytics services

  • PPM(PurchasePropensity Model) is the analytics model that identifies prospective customers who have a high propensity to buy products.
    ▷ Benefits
    • Detects core customers using PPM scores
    • Achieves higher conversion rate against mass-marketing
    • Helps to execute effective marketing with lower sales loss
  • Calculate riskby account by analyzing internal transaction data without external credit assessments to prevent overdue or revenue loss proactively.
    ▷ Benefits
    • Implementation of Response System from risk prediction
    • Prevent revenue loss proactively
    • Helps to effective management of debt with analytic solution
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